Monday, June 21, 2010

I am back to lingering between boredom and sleep at work. It's one of those phases you witness in a software company between two projects. So, in that way I don't feel bad being jobless and see others shaking their heads in disapproval when they see me go for a chai break every 15 minutes.

The last project at Cambodia was a success and the customer migrated to your system at approx 2220 CDT on May 21st. The customer and the bosses were pleased with work but as usual the hurrah's and great job, good work e-mails have not resulted in anything concrete. Which brings me to another point. Salary appraisal season is upon us but the joy or rather gleeful expectation was short-lived. The hike's not going to be great and that promotion I've been waiting for the last 2 years will have to probably wait till England wins the next world cup in football and we all know its probably never going to happen!

The hunt for a house goes on and nothing been finalized. The prices are totally off the roof. Am going to do some more house hunting this weekend. Fingers crossed, I get a good deal soon! The missus and I spent the weekend at Chennai attending some family functions and meeting my beloved aunt. The road to Chennai is totally awesome. Chennai continues to be the same shitty place it's always been and although we have so many loved ones there, we were only happy to get out from the place.

The footie WC has been a disappointment and so has Spain. I would have Fabregas starting but Del Bosque seems to have other plans. My MotoGP season is over with Valentino Rossi's crash and I am hoping the accident has not left any mental scars. With Vale gone, the title is for Lorenzo's taking. Wimbledon starts today and Rafa's got a pretty tough draw with a potential QF with Soderling. Not fair! I've been egging myself to doing some exercise but to no avail. The monstrous mental lethargy seems to be too difficult to beat and I find myself resigned to the fact that its not even worth a try. Need to find a way out soon! Thakkai and Laddu will be here tommorrow and I look forward to spending the week with them. Kids are always so much fun!

I finally bit the bullet and have bought a new notebook for the missus and mom. A Dell Inspiron for about 24K. Not a bad buy at all looking at the specs (2.2 GHz Processor, 4GB RAM, 320 GB HDD with Windows 7 installed). My brother-in-law also visits from the US next month and I look forward to that too. Task done for the day and I'm off home!

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