Monday, June 28, 2010

Sports Mania!

June and July are totally action packed this year for the sports fan and for someone who loves sport, there is simply too much on TV these days but I am not complaining. House hunting yesterday meant that I could not watch the F-1 European Grand Prix but followed some highlights and read about the whole safety car incident and I endorse Ferrari's views on Hamilton not being penalized enough for overtaking the safety car. meanwhile Vettel to me looks like the next world champion. He is pure class behind the wheels of an F-1 car.

Speaking of class, Germany was all of it in yesterday's world cup match against England. Having said that England played like a bunch of grand daddy's on the field and if I was John Terry, I'd probably pack up my bags and go on a indefinite vacation. Thomas Mueller was fantastic as were the other young Germans. It was good old fashioned counter attacking football at its best! 

Argentina to me, look like the team to beat. Higuain and Tevez are looking solid and then you have the magician, Messi who makes even the best defenders look stupid. The game against Germany should be a cracker. 

Spain and Portugal clash in another classic encounter. I think Spain have just about enough fire-power to over come CR7 and his team. I din't like the way Brazil played against Portugal. Looked like a wrestling contest and I'm hoping Brazil play with their usual flair in their next game. For all footie fans, a visit to the website is a must. Splendid analysis of all on-going WC matches. They cover all the major football leagues as well. 

Dhoni and his men won the Asia Cup although I remain very skeptical about our chances in the World Cup next year.  We simply don't have a bowling punch to restrict teams that bat deep like Australia and England and I don't see a Zaheer Khan emerging for us over the next year. Nehra is always good when his rhythm is good and the conditions helpful but I don't think the pitches in India are going to favor him. And while I am on the topic of cricket, I must make a humble request to the morons from the BCCI who do all the cricket planning. No more Sri Lanka-India series please! At least for another 5 years! Speaking of the BCCI morons, the selectors have picked Yuvraj Singh for the test squad. Why was he dropped in the first place?  Does he have his form or fitness back so soon? Rohit Sharma merits a place instead but the wise men of Indian cricket always have it in them to make the such awful decisions. Must part of the the job description!

Valentino Rossi's chances of another world title are down the drain after his horror crash in Mugello. Good news however is that he plans to be back in action at the Czech Grand Prix in Bruno. I'm only hoping that the Doctor doesn't carry the mental scars of the crash with him to the race track.

Wimbledon season is here too and surprisingly both Federer and Nadal have struggled through to the round of 16 and the questions over Nadal's fitness are making the rounds once more after he received treatment in the last match. Soderling looks dangerous and the way Nadal's playing I dont give him much of a chance against Soderling. I'm praying that I'm wrong!

Nothing much happening at work. I am off to Trivandrum this week to attend a childhood friends wedding. Will be seeing his mom and dad after 12 or 14 years. Really looking forward to it! 

Meanwhile the hunt to buy a house continues and the a good property at a reasonable price continues to evade us. We came across a nice one yesterday but the vaastu of the place seems to be totally haywire and the family has rejected this. Let's see what the almighty has in store for us.

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