Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Observations

The last couple of days were spent at Coimbatore attending a family ceremony. This was probably the 20th time I was driving from Bangalore to Coimbatore and I can almost drive blindfolded on this route now. The weather is Coimbatore was battered and although many people complain about the weather in Bangalore and what it was 10 years back, I think a visit to any other city in India will make a Bangalorean thank his/her stars for the weather in "namma" city. 

Coimbatore is getting ready to host the World Tamil Congress in June and what the state government is doing in the excuse of preparing the city for the conference is nothing short of high handedness. Power cuts for almost 4 or 5 hours a day, water problems, roads that were just laid a few months back have been dug out again for god knows what purpose. All schools, hotels, wedding halls have been booked out for the period and the city is expecting a million visitors. Water is to be supplied from the Pillur Dam for the 5 days (almost a million or so liters a day)  at time when the water levels are already very low. The best part is no one seems to be be complaining at least in public. People talk about it indoors but the media doesn't seem to care and not will it care because the state media is controlled by the government.

Stayed at home the last few nights and however bad the weather is in Coimbatore, I always fell a sense of happiness and joy being at my own house and sleeping in the bed dad used to use. I got pretty emotional thinking about dad last night. His spirit seems to be everywhere in the house at Coimbatore and provides me with a great sense of comfort. I feel sad that the family hasn't been able to spend enough time at Right House over the last 2 years. But such is life. You can't wish for everything to come true.

I am seriously thinking of buying an apartment in Bangalore and I want to do this before the rates go beyond my reach. The weather is absolutely fantastic right now after a nice little downpour that lasted about 45 mins. The IPL semis start today and I am rooting for Mumbai. I hope Sachin and team don't let me down. I however get this gut feeling that Bangalore is going to wallop Mumbai.

The whole IPLGate (as the media seems to be calling it now) tamasha is now all over TV on all channels. This is just the fodder that the opposition parties need and in the name of democracy we will as a nation watch this tamasha go on till the political babus get something else to chew on and do nothing about it. I hope the BCCI is made more accountable after all this nonsense. IMHO I think the BCCI should have no politican in it. The sooner we get rid of politics from sport the better for the country. Will this be a wake-up call for cricket? Will anything dramatic happen to the way we run cricket in this country? I am among the millions that are still guessing....I guess.

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