Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22

I guess I was wrong about Mumbai Indians being walloped. RCB found itself at the receiving end yesterday and I managed to only see the last 30 mins of play. Fear of seeing Sachin's team lose again was too much for me to bear as usual and it is the case with all my favorite teams or players across all sports. I just cant seem to see them lose. No such pressures today and I hope to get to see the entire match between CSK and Deccan. Hopefully Sachin is fit to play the final. Would be a pity if he cant and MI goes on to win.

Not a very interesting day at the office today. I happened to find a pretty cheap macro lens from Sigma on Amazon today. Costs only $150 and I am tempted to buy it. I am totally fed up with the wireless connection at home. The speed is decent and all that but the connection keeps dropping all the time and the guys at Airtel won't do much about it. The missus had packed lunch and I realized that I had forgotten to take the lunch box just as I got off the car. Found myself eating at the mall and I must say that the kerala partoa and paneer curry at the Geeky Dhaba was delicious.

Rajesh Exports touched 135 bucks today and I was left cursing myself for selling it at 109. Sasken seems to have jumped today and that kind of compensated for Rajesh Export debacle. I'm wondering why Uthappa was not chosen to replace Sehwag. Vijay seems to be a good bet but wonder if he can deliver the goods in the Caribbean.I am tempted to make a visit to Bandipur or BR Hills this weekend but it all depends on the missus's availability.

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