Sunday, April 18, 2010

Weekend Thoughts

A nice a relaxing Sunday morning and I find myself happy and content, watching my favorite tennis player Rafa Nadal on TV sipping a nice hot cup of filter kaapi. The missus is buys cooking lunch, the music blaring from her tiny mobile phone. Life's little pleasures mean so much to our species!

I was a tad disappointed with Ferrari's qualifying performance and somehow they don't seem to have the pace of the Red Bulls. Having said that I think Vettel is clearly on the top of his game and I'd be happy to see him crowned as World Champion this year although my heart secretly years for Alonso and Ferrari to win. 

Met Shibu, an old friend from Lovedale yesterday and had lunch. Was visiting Indranagar after a long time and the metro works seems to be on in full swing although it has all but destroyed CMH Road.

A Formula 1 race and back to back IPL matches will be the main source of entertainment today and I will have to take the missus shopping and I may just sneak in a few buys for myself :).

My share buying spree continues and I have invested in CUB, Petronet and Punj Llyod. Have a good feeling about all the three stocks. There is a sudden desire to own an apartment in Bangalore and I have a gut feeling that this is perhaps the last best opportunity to buy one before the rates go beyond reach of middle class folks. 

Off to Coimbatore tomorrow morning to offer condolences to my brother-in-law and his family. The summer seems to be getting more severe and I sometimes shudder at the thought of how things are going to be 15 or 20 years down the road. The scarcity of water and electricity is already acute and sometimes I just don't see any signs of hope for this generation and the next. 

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