Wednesday, September 02, 2009


I was never one of those big music fans when I was school. Sports was more my kind of things and I while I could play for hours on end everyday, my patience with any kind of music was limited to a few minutes. Like a fine wine that matures and gets better with age, I find myself appreciating all kinds of music as the years roll by.

The years I spent in Germany really got my interest in music going and I personally feel that one gets to appreciate music so much more when one is alone (be it circumstantial or forced). I cannot think of any other medium that brings out the variety of emotions stuck deep inside our minds and consciousness.

Listening to old instrumentals gives me a sudden rush of feelings, raw emotions about my dear father a man I place at the uppermost pedestal in my life. Listening to a 5 minute track gives you a flashback of over 25 years encapsulating moments of joy, sorrow, happiness and just about every other emotion the human mind and senses are capable of feeling .

I forced myself to listen to a few of her favorite tracks and marvel at the response my system brings out, the soul cries, the heart pounds and yet the mind deep inside feels calm. The tune I am listening to now was one of her favorites and as I type out the thoughts rushing out of my mind, I can see, sense and realize what she meant to me, what she has taught me. The mind sees and although I cant touch, I can feel, unspoken thoughts, words - caressing, soothing...simply marvelous. Yes the pangs of sorrow and sadness are mixed into this intoxicating cocktail of emotions. You become aware of deeper realms of sensation that you normally don't feel. However a mind that is not strong enough to go through this surge of emotion can break down and I am grateful that I am in a position today to savor feelings that cannot be put down in words.

These feelings are however shared, experienced and held dear to anyone who begins to appreciate a gift that home sapien sapien is blessed to have gotten from the almighty and that is what sets music apart. Not everyone can calm their minds through meditation or other such mediums but even a wandering mind can be brought to a standstill by a piece of music, the basic notes of life. Peace!

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