Monday, August 31, 2009

The Weekend - Sept 29-30

I was really tempted to switch from Blogger to Wordpress last week but once again the cost of owning a domain and paying the hosting fee etc put me off. Wordpress though is pretty impressive but changing the font size etc is a pain the butt. Also I saw that the import feature that allows you to import blogs from Blogger to Wordpress doesn't work perfectly yet. So for the time being I stick to Blogger.

Heartening to see that my Mutual Fund portfolio is finally doing well and may come in handy when I decide to go in for a new image stabilization zoom lens. The current 70-300 mm one I have from my old Canon SLR did not work as I expected it to. With digital cameras the biggest problem seems to be with capturing wildlife or other pictures using a zoom of more than 200 mm. Even the slightest tremble causes the images to blur and no matter how steady my hands were the results were a little disappointing.

The weekend was spent in the serenity of BR Hills. Just being there,soaking up the sounds of the Jungle made me feel so blessed. Bumped into an old classmate from Lovedale. Dominic hasn't changed a bit and I was meeting him after 14 years. The safari this time (both the morning and evening one) was a big let down. Only managed to spot a few female Sambhar's, the usual spotted deer and a few bisons. The highlight (that lasted 5 secs) was spotting a mouse deer at about 6:30 pm on Saturday. I am told that spotting them is a rarity.

The lesson I learned from the experience was to go into the jungle with absolutely no expectations of seeing anything special. But I find this so difficult. My eyes are constantly scanning the trees for Leopards or the track ahead for a Tiger only to be disappointed at every bend. Come to think of it, I have always spotted wildlife only when I least expect to. I hope to put the lesson to practice when I visit Nagarhole later this weekend.

I decided to show mom Shivasamudram Falls and took the road to Kollegal and apart from a few stretches of bad roads (from the foothills of BRT WS to Kollegal and parts of the road from Kollegal to Kanakapura) the roads have been newly laid out. Shivasamudram was a sight for sore eyes. Simply breathtaking. It also was an eye sore for it was crowded to the max with the weekend crowd from Bangalore. As usual we do not seem to have any sort of respect for our surroundings and piles of plastic cups, paper plates scattered all around bear testimony to this.

I took mom to Bheemeshwari as well to see the Cauvery in all her splendor and got back home at 5PM dead tired (without lunch too). The evening was good to me as Kimi finally won the Belgian Grand Prix and Force India secured a podium finish.

It was very interesting to see Kimi's reaction after winning. He din't go around congratulating the team and was least interested when Stefano Domenicali came up to congratulate him. No champagne was passed to the team either.

It's a pity that Ferrari will let Kimi go next season for I believe that he is a more complete driver than Massa can ever be and with Massa's injury, Ferrari will not let him go next year for purely emotional reasons. I think Massa will be blown away by Alonso next year and Ferrari will find them scratching their heads at the end of the 2010 season. I won't be surprised if Kimi chooses to drive for Toyota or Renault (he will definitely need to take a drastic pay cut though). But Kimi being Kimi, may as well hang up his F-1 boots and take up rallying.

I managed to capture some good pictures which can be found at

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