Friday, September 04, 2009

Busy September

September is turning out to be an action packed month, at least as far as weekends go. Was in BR Hills last weekend and this weekend I will fulfill a long lasting wish to spend a weekend at the Kabini River Lodge. I am taking Mon and Tue off next week to spend 2 full days in the hope of spotting some good life and the big cats that have been eluding me for more than a decade now. I am hoping to improve on my photography skills too. So lets see.

Next weekend (Sept 12,13) is going to be spent hiking in Kudhremukh. I have always wanted to go there primarily due to the magnificent landscape. Shola grasslands everywhere you see and I am told that the vegetation is next only to Eravikulam. On the flip side leach bites beckon for sure, but hey you gotta give some to get some.

The last week of the month is going to be spent running around temples in the Tanjore, Trichy belt. Another visit to my ancestral (moms side) village of Swamimalai beckons and of course darshan of the magnificent Lord Murugan at Swamimalai. I don't any other temple idol looks as magnificent as the Lord of Swamilmalai after he is decorated with all those flowers, jewelery etc. A visit to Chidambaram, abode of Lord Nataraja himself, is also in the cards. For those wondering why the sudden enthusiasm for temples, it is because I have to perform a few special poojas at a couple of these temples to "correct" minor problems I have in my horoscope. Now before you start gasping and passing comments on my belief in such things, the only explanation I have to offer is that somewhere deep inside I believe in all this. Not a blind belief but one that is an outcome of a lot of pain and suffering that one has undergone.

The only thing that is complaining eight now is my car, at the thought of having to run another 1500 + kms this month. Life's rolling again!

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