Saturday, April 26, 2014

Highway to Hell!

I have been consumed by a raging hatred over the last few weeks for people who govern this country right from the folks at the city's municipal authority, the electric utilities, the government but in the deepest darkest parts of my mind my rage for the scoundrels of this country, the real estate baron's is perhaps the most. As someone who considers himself religious and spiritual, I fail to understand how the law of karma does not seem to apply for all these third rate bastards most of them who are un-educated and are making crores of money duping hard working middle class citizens. Where is the almighty's justice system for such people? Are fools like me the and perhaps crores of people like me the only one's that need to be in fear of our actions and the effect it has on our karma?

Why do sons of bitches like the one who built my apartment complex allowed to get richer and enjoy the good life when they have cheated us out of basic things like out right to water (by diverting the bore well water meant for our complex for his commercial complex)? Why aren't we able to take him on? Is it the power of his money? The fact that he can hire goons and instil fear in people who dare take him on? Why O God Why?

Or is all this ranting only frustration on my part to see this city crumbling before my eyes. Or is the blazing summer of 2014 taking it's toll?

The only certainty in my mind is that this great nation has no future left and I worry for my child and every other little one who's future is being put into question by the bastards that run this country. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? For those with plenty of money, maybe. But for the middle class man like myself, I think not.

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