Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Elections, We the people and something else..

With each passing day, my fear of where we are heading as a nation only keeps growing. We live in a world of information deluge. Information is everywhere around us, in our phones, splashed across all news papers, TV channels, billboards, hoardings, water cooler talk. Call me senile but I get the feeling that 99% of what we hear, see, read is all information that I call "noise". Information that is either biased, worthless for us to use in any positive manner. Agendas of corporations, people, political parties, friends, relatives, everyone who is anyone just waiting to down you...Am I making sense? Probably only to myself.

That brings me to the Indian elections. We are truly at the cross-roads of our democracy and yes people are frustrated. Frustrated at just about everything that the life has to offer in this great nation of ours, right from the lack of a hygienic environment for our kids to grow, the water that we are forced to drink, the lack of electricity, lack of motor-able roads right to the absolute apathy towards the well being of the common man by those in power.

If we put aside all the bull-shit that main stream media (right from the 24x7 news channels to the newsprint media) wants us to believe, the facts remain simple. What have we gained from the rule of the current government? Nothing much. Do people like Modi deserve a chance to show us what he us capable of doing? Absolutely Yes.

But giving a Modi a clear mandate will alone not suffice. We need an underlying change in the way we view our freedom and not just take things for granted. We are the most hypocrite society in the world and the people with the least civic sense at least within the borders of our great land. Why is that? Because we take everything for granted in the name of freedom. We do not have the least sense of pride in being truly Indian. We desperately cling on to our heritage, out culture when we cannot even obey basic traffic rules or show some caring for the man we meet across the street. We will redeem ourselves and this great nation of ours only if we bring about an fundamental change in our attitude towards everything. Is that going to change? I sincerely hope so but the signs I see everyday only keeps crushing that hope but I will still cling on while I can.

Meanwhile I hope and pray that we give a chance to someone who wants to make a difference.

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