Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Here comes Bagheera!

The new Vento is finally here! We took delivery of  the car on Sunday, Feb 16th and boy was I thrilled. I could hardly sleep the previous night (Aadrika was also troubling me) and we were at the showroom at about 10:40 in the morning and the keys were handed over finally at about 11:15!

The car is an absolute joy to drive and after the stiff suspension setup of the Swift that makes your bones feel every pothole, the Vento's ride quality is totally out of the world! Aadrika was a little cranky and drove the missus up the wall the whole time we were in the showroom but all of that vanished away after we found ourselves gorging on some sumptuous food at Toscano. The buffet was heaven and I stuffed myself and had a good hearty buffet after ages!

We took the car out for the mandatory pooja in the evening and had a harrowing drive when I decided to go show the new car to a friend who stays at Imadahalli. You had people walking all over the road without a care in the world. Proof yet again that we are the most in-disciplined, civic sense lacking society in the world. All our culture and history by damned.

I asked the missus to pick a name for the car and ended up deciding a name myself. I went with a masculine name after one of my favorite cartoon characters "Bhageera". Seemed apt given the fact that the car is black and looks as beautiful as  black panther.

I took the car out to the 3M care garage at Marathahalli yesterday and below 15 grand on getting new 3M floor mats, a UV protection film on the front windshield, scratch proof coats for the mirrors and door handles and door sides and a wax job. The results were totally worth it! Judge for yourself!

Looking forward to many memorable rides with Bagheera! Welcome to the family dude!

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