Saturday, February 15, 2014

Adieu dear Swift! Hello VW!

I still remember the feeling when I got the keys to my first car, a Grey Maruti Swift VXI back in 2008. It was a feeling of elation, a feeling of accomplishment after having dreamt of owning my own four wheeler for well most of my adult life. My parents weren't there when I got the car since appa was fighting what seemed like a losing battle with cancer, but when I took delivery of the car, I knew that my father would have been super proud of me and I couldn't wait to drive it down from Bangalore to Coimbatore to let him have a look it. But life and fate has other things in store and when I finally managed to get my car to Coimbatore, I could only take his ashes to the banks of the Bhavani river in the new car. It will remain a memory that is etched in my mind forever.

Between 2008 and 2014, I have driven over 63000 KM's in my faithful Swift and we have had wonderful journeys together from the wind ghat roads of the Nilgiris to the pot holed filled roads of Bangalore. From the forests of Bandipur and Nagarhole to temple towns surrounding Tanjore.

I started off driving the car alone and a bachelor with mom to accompany me on some of my trips to then making trips with my dear wife since 2010 and then graduating to have an extra addition to the family in 2012. There is so many memories everyone has with their automobile and it is perhaps the biggest reason why, owning a car continues to be on the wishlist of every dreamer in this world.

As I headed out of home this morning, the wife and I couldn't help but feel a bit of nostalgia given the fact that we had finally decided to bid adieu to our beloved car. I was taking it to the dealer fully realizing the fact that it was the last ride I would take on her. I decided to finally bite the bullet and go in for a new vehicle and got an offer from the Volkswagen dealer in Whitefield that was too good to pass. I finally decided to go in for a proper sedan this time and thanks to my brother-in-laws contacts I got a decent deal on a Volkswagen Vento. I went in for the top of the line Diesel version and although it will mean a bigger EMI, I don't care! I am as happy as a kid at the zoo or at the circus at the thought of getting a big car for myself.

We will be taking delivery on the 16th and this is again a new chapter in our lives for me and I only wish and hope that the new car gives us memories to cherish for life just like my favorite Swift did. I will really miss her and she will always be" the special car" for me.

Thank you God and thank you my dear Swift for the wonderful memories! Bring on the Vento! :-)

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