Thursday, March 08, 2012

Circle of Life!

March 8th, 10:35 am, Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

It is one of those occasions when everything around you seems to stop. Your emotions are all over the place and there is a sense of all pervading joy. I finally laid my eyes on the most beautiful little baby in the world and said to myself..."This one is your's papa!"..and there she was 2.7 kilos of divinity and the very first thing that struck me was somehow a striking similarity to my dearest wife Avanthi. We've named her Aadrika which means heavenly/celestial or mountain in Sanskrit. 

Life has indeed come a full circle!

Sitting in the post operative care room with Aadrika and Avanthi, I felt a sense of happiness that I have never felt before. The only tinge of pain, was the absence of the man I loved the dear father but I am sure looking at us from up above, he was indeed a very happy and proud soul!

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