Friday, April 27, 2012

Happy Times!

Little Aadrika is 6 weeks old already. How time flies! After 34 years of living a carefree life, I feel a sudden sense of profound responsibility whenever I see the little one. How will I bring her up? Should I be strict or lenient? How am I going to save for her education? What kind of a world is she getting into? So many questions, but I guess the answers to these will play over the next many years to come. 

Right now both of us are just enjoying being with the baby and relishing her tantrums, her smiles and everything she does. Of course all this happiness brings along with it sleepless nights changing nappies, trying to get her to sleep etc and although at times it gets very frustrating for us, a little smile from those tiny lips is all it takes to get all the frustration out of our systems.

Children are truly god's best gift to mankind!

The birth of Aadu, has coincided with yet another delay in the current project I am doing which is good in a way as it allows me to spend some real quality time with the missus and Aadu. The only downside to this is that I am facing the brunt of the summer at Hyderabad since both of them are at my in-laws for a few months.

Given the relative lull at work, I have decided to seriously (for the nth time) get down and prepare to give the PMP exam and this time I have roped in a colleague so that we keep pushing each other to get this done.

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