Saturday, May 08, 2010

From Phom Penh

I am back in the road. This time its a 25 day trip to Cambodia. I've probably been spending more time in Phom Penh this year than I have at Bangalore. This is the final stretch of the project I have been working for and May 22nd is D-Day. I've got a pretty good feeling about things and am not expecting any major surprises. This is my first end-to-end project implementation with my current product group and I'm just waiting for the migration to get over. Cambodia is stiflingly hot and humid and this is the month before the rainy season sets in and the humidity outside is killing. I've never been one to fancy the heat anyways. Such long trips are not comfortable and I am already beginning to miss the missus and mom and of course home sappad!

The stock markets all over the world seem to take a beating and the timing of some of my stock purchases couldn't have come at a worse time. Punj Llyod and JK Lakshmi Cement have been the worst losers and these are the only two stocks I've have lost money on. I would love to buy stocks during this period but sadly I've run out of money and am left cursing myself for the bad timing. But hey, this is a valuable lesson learned. A lot of my stock purchases have been impulsive and the lesson I've learned now is to pay more attention to things happening around the world that influence our markets and not concentrate only on stock fundamentals and financials.

I spent Wednesday house hunting with mom and had a look at a few places. Prices are through the roof and it looks like a decent apartment is going to cost me anywhere between 45 and 50 lakhs. But then again, this seems to be a good time to buy one before the prices go out of reach of salaried class people like me. Mom and the missus are house hunting this weekend as I write this post and hopefully they come up with some good news!

Time for the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend and once again Red Bull Racing are leaving the others to eat dust. Ferrari once again do not seem to have the pace to match the Red Bulls or the McLarens and this has left me hugely disappointed. India got pulped by the Aussies yesterday and our shortcoming with the short pitch deliveries once once again exposed by the Aussie quick's. Thankfully the World Cup is in India next year :)

I was pleasantly surprised to see fruits and chocolates delivered to my room when I checked-in to the hotel day before and just when I thought the guys at the Intercontinental had read my complaints, things are back to how they were. The same old fruit basket lies in the room and the choc's have not been replenished. Sigh! The stay at the Intercontinental has been a total disappointment. But this is the only 5 star hotel at Phom Penh and what these guys need is some serious competition to get them to wake up and offer frequent travelers something extra.


nourish-n-cherish said...

HI Ganna,

Maybe it is time to resume chats woth Iba about stocks. There is only one problem with that route though - you can't stop him :)

All the best for the house.

Labak said...

Hi Saums,

You know what Iba was the one who recommended JK Lakshmi Cement :). But it was time to lose some money. I was getting too over confident in my abilities to pick winners :). How are things with you? Cheers!