Monday, June 07, 2004


He rode from the plains so far away,
A man with a heart as big as as one could fathom,
Chasing his dreams to make it big in life
Knowing that the time and opportunity was rife

He had an offer from a place called AIMS,
A degree that would later fill him with shame,
2 years had passed with the speed of light,
The thought of the future had him in a fright..

I found myself in the same situation..
Clearly for me...a time of trepidation..
Here we were together bonded by friendship..
Staring down at a future full of hardship..

Education suddenly had lost its meaning,
The loss of us that sinking feeling..
Was this the will of the lord..he asked in wonder..
Or did he in a haste commit his biggest blunder..

The hunt for a job had begun..
He suddenly found himself on the run..
Campus Placement became a thing of the past..
Time as usual was running fast..

He thought he was sinking into the abyss..
Was Ignorance really what they call bliss?
He picked up the morning’s newsmagazine,
And looked at images of the stars on the silver screen..

The feeling of being thrown into reality..
Had hit him hard with brutality....
He was determined to give it a fight..
A start to his career was just about right...

He found himself in life’s second stage..
Realizing that maturity comes with age....
Here’s a new start to life he thought..
A few weeks passed..and the feeling began to rot..

Work was filled with stress and pain..
His new found enthusiasm began to wane..
Thoughts of fate and luck crept up his mind..
Answers to life were becoming hard to find..

A couple of job hops did transpire...
Driven by boundless hope and desire..
He still wonders about what life has in store..

Composed. April 2002.

This one was actually dedicated to my dear friend Shovan Barik, who seemed to be undergoing "early career blues" back then and I remember jotting down this poem then in his "honour". King this one's for you!

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