Monday, June 07, 2004

Of Life's Twists and Turns

Born into this world free from worry
A bundle of joy full of merry
The tryst with life had just begun
And the coming years were spent with fun

The joy of life knew no bounds
Everyday had something knew to be found
Troubles and worries had no meaning
Oh! the joy of childhood is such a good feeling

But the seeds of change had been laid
as the joys of childhood began to fade
the adoloscent world for me had begun
Felt like change from which you couldnt run

But deep within, the child remained
A forgotten part in lifes domain
Competition and preassure began to take toll
As the clock of life went on a roll

The tests of life began to appear
Out of the blue as I feared
grades and marks were not the denominations
to pass lifes tests u needed guts and determination

The first few failures had me in a tear
hopes were gone and so were those dreams so dear
The house of hope was in shatters
Here I was, left with a heart in tatters

Just when I felt that lifes not fair,
Faith is god told me not to dispair,
As the tides of misfortune slowly turned,
The thoughts of failure had now been burnt

Courage and Determination was here to stay,
A binding force that could not sway
The lessons of life are hard to learn
As I ponder about it on lifes each turn

Ups and downs are a part of you,
Faith in self and god is needed to pass through,
FOr Seldom do we see life in its true perspective
Greed and wealth have made our lives so restrictive

The quest for truth is lifes true mission
A guiding force for men of vision
Its time we see life through our hearts
And a time for our petty cravings to depart

Lets us not take our lives for granted,
Let our minds pursue the things we really wanted,
Happiness and Joy are found in giving
Lets all try to learn lifes true meaning!

This was perhaps the very first time I tried my hand at poetry and to my surprise, I found that a couple of folks around me did appreciate it. I had written this at a time when things were looking pretty confused during the start of my career.

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