Thursday, June 17, 2004

From one hole to another

A good six days after hovering around the Bluewin Event Horizon, things seem to have settled down finally. (A final hurrah on this matter will be posted a later date.)

The testing has concluded and I get the feeling that the launch date isnt too far either.

So here I was congratulating myself for a job well done, when a small envelope icon appears at the bottom right corner of my computer screen. The enxt step was the fatal mistake of double clicking on the icon.

If you're wondering why so much empty space inbetween, it was simply because I had realized that I was being sucked into another event horizon. The boss has decided to put me into coordinating a new internal project. There goes my peace, happiness, sanity and whatever is correlated to any of the described feelings.

So heres what I think about Organizational Behavior in todays world (froma dude who can only preach but somehow fails to practise it everytime he really needs to..)

20th Century Saying: "Assumption is the mother of all screw ups."

21st Century Saying in an IT environment: Initiatvce and eagerness to please is the mother of all f%"k ups.

For all those aspiring managers, the go getters and MBA's etc, heres another tip: If you wanna make it big within the company ..."Delegate"

Please read as:
a.) Find yourself an eager and enthu guy (prefarably a desi)
b.) Make him beleive that he is the only indispensable creature in the whole organization (make sure he feels the same way even when he receuives his pension cheques from the company
c.) Pamper him once in a while by telling him what an asset he is to the company. (almost the same as point b.) eh)
d.) Dump all "YOUR" worries and deadlines to the poor ol' soul and pretend (now this is an art you really need to work on if you arent born with it) you care about everything that happens around the company.

NOTE: (For those of you who don't know what an Event Horizon is, look up for a brief description. Those of you who don't bother, just use this as a "fundoo" term next time to give your boss/friend/girl friend/boy friend/pan wala the impression that you are THE most happening guy around)

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