Thursday, June 24, 2004

End of the Bluefilm!

Excusz me peoples. For all those expecting to find some kind of porno stuff here, please brace yourselves for immense disappointment. No the title has more to do with one of the projects that I was put incharge of. (See my post on Bluewin).

The good news is out!!! The Bluewin project is finally going into production and no one in this planet is more happy that my collegue Jagadish and yours truly. Looks like the folks in Switzerland will launch next Monday (28th June 0800 Zulu).

I plan to open the champagne when I am in Seattle next month and hopefully Jagadish is present then. Meanwhile, my creativity seems to be lost amidst the joy that this news has created.

I have drawn inspiration from my own post the otherday (on being a good manager) and have prompty dumped all post production QA issues to one of my poor collegues in the Munich office. God bless him!

And regarding the final name for this project, I think I will let it stay as Bluefilm for now.

On an ending note......:

The Bluefilm Project - Cast and (S)crew

Chief Confusionist, Primary Mental Agonist on the Product Side: Kai
Storyboard Mayhem, QA, Project Coordination and Confusion: Nebulous Maximus
Code Curry, Bug Fixing and Creation Officers: Jagadish "Jags" Kurma and Mahalaxmi Ramasamy
Server Side Dis-integration Manager: Ravikumar "Bodhai Mannan" Yellasiri
Primary Mental Agonist on the Technical Side: Krishanu
The Dementors: Ahmed "Synch" Guettouche, Patrick "Always on Holiday" Brühwiler, Christine "Dunno a Shit" Hostettler

Last but Not the Least: The man responsible for bringing this upon our heads: Karel "The Boss" Dörner.

NOTE: For security/privacy reasons the names of the lead actors and actresses will not be revealed to the public.


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