Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Memories

Nostalgia Warning!

Thanks to my in-laws, I am officially off baby sitting duties for the rest of  the year which means 10 days of real vacation without having to worry about the little one too much! The first thing I've done is actually make use of my Sonos 1 system and listen to some good music all morning long.

Being able to just listen to your kind of music without having to worry about pesky neighbours, or complaints from the missus about the volume is indeed a wonderful thing. Total bliss!

Listening to music invariably makes me feel a little nostalgic and I get to remember so much more bits and pieces of the past. Listening to Clapton singing My Fathers Eyes brought me back to the good old days at Lovedale and all the fun we used to have during the winter holidays. Lunch at the lawns, playing under the brilliant blue sky of the Nilgiri hills, night time bon fires, keeping a vessel of water waiting for it to freeze the next morning, reading comics under the shade of a tree.....memories that live with us forever perhaps.

A scream from the little one brings me back to the present and I can only sigh at the fact that she cannot possibly enjoy some of things we used to living in this concrete jungle. I make a promise though to show her much more of the world I enjoyed when she grows up a little more.

Till then I promise to enjoy the next few days of freedom!

Seasons Greetings to all and may god bless all of us with happiness and joy in 2015!

Aum tat sat!

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