Monday, May 19, 2014

..and finally..Hope!

While the Congress party is busy trying to figure out where exactly they fucked up (and this should be easy for them to see, look no further than your leadership fellas) after their disastrous performance in the general elections, I find myself, like so many million Indians full of expectation from the new NaMo led BJP government. I also admit that these expectations are quite high and I sense that while we have voted for change, we are perhaps too eager to see the changes come thick and fast.

Is this going to happen? Are our expectations realistic I wonder. Yes, the central government has for the first time in many years gotten a clear majority in the Lok Sabha but will this translate into quicker decision making and more efficiency within government machinery and bureaucracy? I confess that I am no expert in the working of the government but the hope all around is that things will get better. The real question remains, how soon is the change going to come.

There is also the question of where the focus needs to be. Will it be on ushering big bang economic reforms (like 1991)? Will be be greater emphasis on building up our defence?  Welfare schemes for the poor? Sanitation and health care? Education? Environment and conservation? Foreign Policy?

Let's make no mistake, the hurdles and challenges before the new PM are massive but there is the hope amongst a lot of us that we at least have the right man to tackle these challenges head on after being mis-ruled by a party that I hope is at the end of its shelf life.

Mr. Modi, like crores of other citizens of this country, I hope and I pray for a better India. Please do not make us hope for longer. 

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