Saturday, July 02, 2011

A new toy and lots more....

I finally gave into my almost primal urge to get my hands on the latest tech toy wonder and here I am as excited as my eight year old nephew would get when he gets a new PS2 game, with the latest addition to my set of gizmos..the iPad2!

Adding to my love for the device is the fact that it was a gift from my dear darling wife. She didn't even baulk at the price and just asked me to go ahead with the purchase remind me once more of how incredibly luck I am to have someone like her to share my life with.

I've been using the iPad for almost 3 weeks now and can only say what's been said n the gazillion reviews of the gadget. It is totally mind blowing. The intuitive UI, the design just about everything on this 9 inch marvel is perfect. Having said that I do have a couple of gripes the main one the poor camera. Apple could have at least tried to cram in a 3.2 mega pixel camera in the rear and a 1.2 in the front. Instead what we get is a poor sub-standard VGA camera both front and back.

Another gripe is of course the inability to edit documents and yes people will tell you that there are plenty of applications available in App store but I would have expected something to come as standard especially if Apple is also positioning the iPad as a device for business use.

Applications like Pulse, Times of India etc are superbly crafted just for the iPad and I have also gone ahead and purchased a subscription for the Economist with the permission of the wife of course. This brings me to another big problem with the iPad. 

The device is so nice that you are almost certain to ge an itchy finger to buy all those gorgeous apps sitting in the Apple Store and to date I have been guilty of spending around 500 INR (and counting) on some apps like Angry Birds, issues of popular mechanics etc.

Once someone gets their hands on an Apple device they are invariably sucked into the Apple Eco system and sheer size and ease of use of the app store and iTunes (once you get a hang of it) makes one a prisoner for life. I am now one of those totally happy prisoners of the Apple world.

I am however getting greedy and considering having the best of both the Apple and Android worlds by switching my phone to an Android powered one. That way I figure I can use the iPad at home and during travel and use the mobile phone for work purposes. (Evil laughter).

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