Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The iPhone has Landed

It's posting time again! I was pleased to see that Blogger has finally introduced real time stats to the blog. Not that this blog needs it but the information provided is nevertheless useful. Also provides you with an insight on how many page views you get etc and judging by the stats I just saw for this blog, I will keep the numbers as a state secret!

My dear friend Balaji was gracious enough to gift me his iPhone 3G and got my hands on it day before and realize why most folks with the iPhone are such show offs! After using my Nokia e71 for the last year and a half, the switch to the iPhone has come with almost zero pains. Interface wise the iPhone is leagues, nah make that light years ahead of the crappy Symbian OS that Nokia has been faithfully sticking to (albeit at a very high price). I wonder why Nokia hasn't gotten its engineering team to have a closer look at the iPhone and see the things that they can improve. But I guess the main road block is the OS itself. If I were running Nokia, I'd probably dump Symbian in my home oven and move to at least Android. Of course Nokia lovers will immediately point to the upcoming N8 but I doubt it will sell the way an iPhone or an Android does. The only gripe I have about the iPhone is the new iOS 4.0.1 update that's slowing down most applications on the phone. The screen transitions are not as smooth as the one on my iPod touch that runs the old version (4.0). Hopefully Apple fixes the problem soon.

I've also got a new Netgear wireless router installed at home and it took the Airtel guys a good 2 hours to get the device to work. The problem was that since the router was bought in the US where ADSL has long been dead, the WAN port on the device does not accept the adapter that comes through the phone line since the former requires 4 pins while the latter has only 2 pins (since we still support the ADSL standard here in India. Ancient, I know!). But the guys at Airtel were knowledgeable enough to use the current router and bridge it to the new one. Result is that I now have 2 wireless SSID's at home and more importantly the signal from the new Netgear router is much more powerful that the crappy router that Airtel provides. This allows me the luxury of working in the living room and watching TV too! Sweet! Even better is the fact that the phones can now pickup the wireless signal too! That, my friends is an evening well spent!

Today is Krishna Jayanti and the family is celebrating the festival after what seems like ages and my mind has maintained a laser like, well almost Zen master like focus on finishing off the "Theratipal" as soon as it becomes available for consumption. Mom makes the best theratipal in the world! Period! During school days, Krishna Jayanti was like all festivals an excuse to gorge on sweets and it looks like 20 years later, it still is! Who says life's a bitch! :)

Maruthi's trip to the US has also brought respite on the shaving front. I now have enough Mach 3 Turbo cartridges to last me the next year at least. The missus has a rare holiday tomorrow and it shall be a work from home day for me. In other news my niece has topped her class in academics and sister dearest monumental effort in writing a book for SIMA has finally ended. The book should be released soon!

Happy Krishna Jayanti everyone and for all those fortunate enough to spend it with their families, Happy Gorging!

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