Monday, July 26, 2010

The Weeks Gone By

It took its time coming. Four and a half years to be exact. No big bang announcements, no hoopla, just the way I like it. The boss took me to a room, handed me over an envelope and finally spurted out the magic words."We've finally promoted you''. Strangely I felt no overwhelming feeling of joy when the words finally came out. Just acceptance of something I think was long overdue. But nevertheless it finally came and along with it came a raise in my salary which was surprising. I had been expecting a raise in single digits but it was a low double digit raise but I felt happy nonetheless.

Another pleasant surprise came on 19th July, when I received an SMS with my latest salary figure. Wow! It's taken me 10 years to reach the figure I've dreamt of and here it was! Conflicting feelings flew in the dark recess of the mind. Do I deserve this? But everything happens for a reason and I can only thank my father who seems to be conjuring miracles for his dear son. He has never left me and I can feel and see his blessings and magic work for me since he left me that eventful day (15th June 2008). The almighty too has been so kind to the family and once again has showered us with his love and blessings. Something I should eternally be grateful for.

Tutlam's grandmother passed away last week at Hyderabad. We were luckily there to see her before she breathed her last. The suffering that she endured the past couple of months ended on Wed, 21st June at 5:50 am and being the gentle and good soul that she was I am sure her spirit has headed straight for heaven. A place among the angels. The incident came as a big emotional shock to boo-boo since she was literally bought up my paati. I could sympathize with her but in such circumstances even physical and emotional comfort that I could give wouldn't be enough. Time can be the only healer.

Watched Inception the week before last and I thought it was a brilliant movie. I've now become a fan of Chistopher Nolan and its time to download some of his earlier movies. The ending was simply superb with most of us wondering if Di Caprio was still in a dream or whether he actually sees his kids for real. When can our cinema deliver something similar I wonder.

All of us a down with the a cold and the weather in Bangalore has been very strange. Feels more like Lovedale type of weather with the sun refusing to show itself to us for the past few days.

Spent yesterday morning shopping with Maruthi. He's had a wardrobe makeover and by the time we had finished with our 2 hour spree, he had clothes worth a 11 grand in his bag. I finally managed to shake off some of the lethargy that has engulfed me and did some cycling and a couple of stretches this morning.

In other sports news, India got their butts whipped last week. Out bowling attack is at best pathetic and I think we can kiss our hopes of winning a World Cup if we stick with the kind of attack we have today. Murali took his 800th wicket and got a stellar send off. I was tempted to dedicate a post to Murali but realized that I haven't seen too much of his bowling to be able to pass comments on a career that is unlikely to be matched in the future. Cricket has been left poorer with the retirement of the 3 bowling giants of the last 2 decades (Warne, Kumble and Murali) and I don't see any talent on the horizon that can pick up the baton and continue in their footsteps. Some suggest Bhajji can do it, but in my opinion Bhajji is better of playing only ODI's. His bowling at the test level has left much to be desired.

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Shobhana Kumar said...

nice one, g! you got talent. and you deserve all the goodness in the world.