Thursday, July 08, 2010

Books and Goals!

After a long spell of lethargy, i finally managed to revive my reading habit and as always it has resulted in me reading almost every day. Just finished reading two very fascinating books. The first one is titled Code Name God by Mani Bhaumik (apaprently the inventor of the technology behind the LASIK surgery). Mani's book examines the relationship between physics and consciousness and brilliantly describes how breakthroughs in quantum physics over the last century are proving without a doubt, the hand of God in the creation of the Universe. God here refers not to Ram, Jesus or Allah but to the collective consciousness of the universe, of the all pervading BRAHMAN that the Vedas talk about. 

For someone interested in spirituality and the mysticism of India, the book only reaffirms the wisdom of the sages and rishis of India. To think that they understood everything about creation thousands of years before we discovered quantum physics is mind numbing and sort of scary too! For anyone wanting to get their hands on a copy visit (for those in India). Speaking of Flipkart, I am totally bowled over by thier service. Absolutely awesome and they have a wide variety of books to choose from and last but not the least the shipping within India is free.Do we finally have our answer to Amazon?

The second book I just finished reading is How We Decide (got this one thru Flipkart) by Johnan Lehrer. The book describes the workings of the human brain in making choices and decisions. It is TOTALLY RECOMMENDED for anyone interested in knowing about evolution's crowning jewel - the human brain.

A copy of AJT Johnsingh's book has just arrived and judging by the size, I should be able to complete the book by the end of the evening.

I finally sat up and watched the semi final between Spain and Germany. Spain's midfield trio of Xavi, Xabi and Iniesta were totally mind blowing. The control and precision of the passing by the Spaniards did not give the Germany's any offensive room and the Die Mannschaft found itself doing defensive duties for most part of the match.I was sharing some thoughts on the match on Twitter and was surprised to see a lot of people lamenting about how 'boring' the game was. I thought the level of football played by both teams was pretty high and I admit that I did add a comment on Twitter suggesting that Spain be more attacking but given the quality of the German defence (the Germans were physically towering over the Spaniards, more like The Great Khali vs Hornswoggle. OK I was kidding!) Spain played a very tactically good game and a large part of the credit must go to Xavi and Iniesta - Generals in the Spanish Armada for sure. Credit should also be given to Vincente Del Bosque, who is known in footballing circles as being a master tactician and someone how puts a big emphasis of technical finesse, something amply demonstrated by Iniesta.

The finals against the Dutch will be an intriguing final and already Twitter is abound with thoughts of Mark van Bommel doing his best to get rid of Xavi :). Will be interesting to see how the Spanish defence handles Sneijder and Robben with Sergio Ramos almost never being inside his own half. Both teams have never won the Weltmeisterschaft so it will be more heart breaking for the loser. Paul, the Octopus seems to be the most sought after football pundit this world cup and I'm sure a lot of folks are waiting for the outcome of Pauls next decision. I, for one am rooting for Spain but may the best team win! (Yeah cliched I know)

Off for sappad now and the settling down to some more reading!

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