Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Still Here

Been in Jakarta for the past two weeks and the last 10 days have been spent at the Jakarta Airport supporting an airline that has just gone live with our check-in system. But I don't seem to be doing much other than wandering from counter to counter and then heading into the lounge to check my email, watch TV without understanding a word of what's being said. Having said that the Indonesian people are gentle and good to work with and I've been going out with them for lunch the last 2 days and its been fun.

Wont be able to watch F1 this weekend as I will be on my way back to BLR (Yipeee!). Couldn't watch the Champions League quaters either. Damn! 4-4 Chelsea-Liverpool! Must have been an awesome match. The only consololation now is Bintang beer as I wait for my fried rice (for the nth time on this trip). Can't wait to have some plain rice, curd and pickle when I'm back in India .

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Krish said...

You betcha .. Nothing like Thayir sadam and oorugai .. Not to forget the more molagai ..