Wednesday, October 18, 2006

My Elusive Dream Trek

Looking back, I still feel ashamed that I haven't been able to climb Mukurti Peak. for me the Mukruti National Park would rank as one of the finest places one can lay his/her eyes upon. I don't want to sound cliched but if you ever wanted to have a look at paradise on earth, Mukruti would come pretty close.

My attempt to climb the peak was thwarted number of times primarily by bad weather (and bad planning too, since I chose the monsoon season on a number of occassions. Stupid me!). I haven't given up on the hope to climb the peak. I am really hoping to do it sometime early next year.


SRIDHAR R ( Srirangam ) said...

Hi Ganesh,
I share your frustration.
Atleast you gave gone to some extent.
But I could go only up to Parsons valley.
They say only winter months are practically suited for trekking.
I went up to parsons valley.
I could not even go up Porthmund dam site.
From there I think we have to reach western catchment area.
Fron there we have to reach Mukurti peak.
Please be in touch.
One day we can plan together.
There are lots and lots of desk work to be done.
Meeting the wild life warden, getting his permission for trekking and booking accommodation in forest huts. Most importantly booking a decent guide for trekking.
Lots and lots of work involved.

SRIDHAR R ( Srirangam ) said...

Hi It is a dream to climb up to mukurti peak.
I got so frustrated this time that I could go only up to parsons valley.
Not even to porthimund.
Please be in touch.
I will join you whenever you go for mukurti peak.