Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Holiday Season - Part 1

OK, its back to blogging after a long time and this time its courtesy of .... (you guessed it)..another project that's driving me up the wall, over the roof and er.....anyway's its -5 degrees outside, its snowing, the weather sucks and so does the project Im working on right now. I figured it would be best to call for a time out and get back to try and be creative.

Another a new year and as usual I find myself cursing everything from my life to my luck to my job thanks to a new project which as always seems to be heading nowhere.

The holiday season was marvellous though with my dear cuz Rahul finally tying the knot. The entire family was there and my parents and sister had their first ever flying experience. There was a lot of booze, dance and fun and I got to pile on and stay at a 5 star hotel again.

Back home days were spent sleeping, having beer with dad and bro-in-law and yes of course lots of rasam and thair saadam. Then came the annual soujourn to Munnar to visit my dear pal Pandey who tied the knot too. (and rightly so.. a few more years with the elephants and tahrs would have turned out into a biological and evolutionary catastrophe.). Pandeys brothers Alok and Amit made the trip too and so it was a major re-union with all my childhood buddies. Jacob aka Crang (hes a genius in Finance) had come up from Bangalore and so it was really party time.

The first night at Munnar was spent catching up on old times at Lovedale (A bottle of Royal Stag whiskey adding greatly to the spirits!)and wondering when we would meet up again. The next day was spent going around Munnar. And this time the memories were captured live with my new handycam (showoff!) and the promise made to Ashok on sending him the CD is still far from being fulfilled.

Got back home and was ready to go for the next trip. This time to my place of birth..dear old Kumbakonam ( for details. The trip was all courtesy "Mounam Perippa" (literally translates as Silent Big Father...errr..ill stop there without further explanation) who happens to be the ooficial astrologer in the family. He felt that the stars somehow did not indicate an early marraige for me and suggested that I go around a few temples and perform a few homams to rectify the "glitch" in anotherwise outstanding horoscope(there I go trumpeting again!).

Mom has this great faith in astrology and so do I, but when it came to marraige and girls all she had to do to see how rotten my luck was with the opposite sex for 27 years was to go through my CV ! ( Which apparently reads: girl shy at school from 1986 to 1995, studies in a boys college located in a city with an average temperature of 35 degrees and 95% humidity every day of the year with negligable life form when it came to women, 2 years at MBA with 2 women in the class and finally 4 years in a company where the average age of women stands at a whopping 34 years!...phewwwww)

Anyways the trip to Kumbakonam and surrpounding places was fantastic with my dear sis and her kids joining us. It was a family where all of us were going out togeather after 10 years. Tradegy however struck us in the face when we witnessed the devastation of the Tsunami at some of the palces we had visited.

Back to Coimbatore on the 31st and the night was spent drinking Whiskey with dad and Kumar (much to my mothers chagrin)...

2005 finally arrived and this time I dint make any resolutions thankfully. I was however determined to start practising some meditation and yoga (the another story).


Prince K. said...

Aha A Tamilian from outer space!
Was just searching for people interested in Astronomy. Upparum ungaloda Nakshatram, Jadagam ennai!!! Ha ha ha! Tamizhai nanraha translate panringa!

nourish-n-cherish said...

Ha ha ha: Loved the CV part and the girls!!! I remember our classmates telling chitthi that the only person you conceded as being human in spite of being a girl was me, and that too only during the holidays, and because you could not help it that our families were such good friends - LOL!!!