Thursday, July 22, 2004

Promoting Secularism!

First of all thanks to my pal Srinivas "Vazoooo" for reminding me about this. I was wondering how we could promote secularism among hindus and muslims all over the world and it suddenly struck me what better way to promote than to show it off in your name.

The very first one that comes to my mind is one name that was a favorite torture tool of mine during those golden years at college.  I probably gave the the first years or "fachchas" as we used to call them back at B-School (I take the liberty here of calling AIMS a B-School. For all of you folks wondering what the hell AIMS is, look no further than these coordinates Latitude:
17° 22' North  Longitude: 78° 26' East  and follow your way to Banjara Hills Road Number 3 and ask the local chaiwala about the most frequent visitors to  his "bandi". He would probably point you to a 2 bedroom house someplace up a rocky hill where you would find the mother of all B-Schools..mera very own AIMS.  Having said that, I will not be responsible for any cases that arise due to patent infringement or intellectucal property right discussions etc arising out the utter devastation that you experience on seeing the non abbreviated form of AIMS!)

Ok, enough beating round the bush (guess I learnt something from Clinton after all). So heres the name that literally STANDS for secularism. For all you final year freaks at college, heres a name that can cause your Juniors, celebral haemorrhage to the 3rd degree...

(BTW, the name sounds even more hilarious when pronounced by a Mallu. Thereason Im so sure is that I was at the receving end of this "VcMD" ...aka vocabulary causing mental disruption when I was a first year. A mallu senior employed this technique to drive me up the wall..)

Phew...apologies to all Sikhs, Christians, Bhuddists, Taoists, Confusionists blah blah who dont find their name here. Will think of something sometime..

Meanwhile, chew on what you have!


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