Monday, June 28, 2004

Road to the finals

I was struggling to keep myself awake last evening and had half a mind to doze off. (blame it on the booze..5 bottles of beer). Luckily I managed to keep me eyelids open and was treated to some excellent football by the Czechs.

I thought Nedved and Baros were absolutely scintillating. (Jan Koller dosnt get any credit here cos he is mainly in the team to use his big frame to head all those corner kicks into the net. For the connoisseur or the arm chair footballer like me, Kollers technical skills can be quite...grotesque)

Baros - Reaching for the Sky

I hope poor ol' Nedved doesn't get another yellow the next game. He was in tears the last time around when he got a yellow in the Champions League semis in 2002. (Juve went on to lose the final against AC Milan.)

Anyways me thinks that the Czechs are looking good for the trophy. A Czech - Holland final would be a huge treat for anyone. Pity, I cant watch. (I'll be however splurging my money in Vegas hoping to strike it big)

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