Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bluewin Blues

After 7 months 16 days and 28 minutes, a nightmare of a project seems to be coming to an end. (Thats what I hope. More will be known on the fate of the project next week). The project at Bluewin seems to be drawing to a close (Im not opening the champagne yet..acceptance testing is due tomorrow and runs through till Friday..gulp) finally and I cant wait to get of it.

The project was first called Sync.ONE (Actually this is our product name. Interested?? Look up www.aventeon.com)and here are the various metamorphical changes that the name underwent:

First week into the project: Sync.ONE for Bluewin (now that nice and everyone seemed happy atleast at Aventeon!)
Second Week and things look complicating (was it becos I was creating the specs??): Bluewin SynchTool (Cant the Swiss spell correctly? Arrrrrrghhhhhhhhh)
3 Months into the Project (Bugs start to pour in!): Stephan and I call it the Bluebug!
4 Months into the project and I hope we never had undertaken it. My collegue Jagadish seemed to share the feeling. Poor chap was doing the coding: Bluefilm (This name was ofcourse used only between Jagadish and me)
6 months into the project: Bluefilm seems to stick but we rack our brains to see if we can call it something else. Bluemonster, Bluemutant, seemed to be candidates but somehow the name seems to stick on.
3 days back: Bluehole??? (Like a blackhole from which we never can escape)
Final say: Wait till the project gets into production.

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